a letter from a secret admirer


I try not to play favorites when it comes to letters, but this request from a secret admirer in England tops the charts. I am such a sucker for letters of love. The wooer’s email was so heartfelt and genuine, just bursting with sweet sentiments. He even created a special email address to keep his identity a secret from his ‘mates’. I hope the lucky lady feels extra special and cherished.

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a letter for Nancy


Nancy sweetly sent along some mail and asked if I might be interested in being pen pals. I was so sad to turn her down. But naturally, I pointed her in the direction of the Letter Writers Alliance (and no, I am not their spokesperson). I’ve also heard good things about the email-driven Pen Pal World, where you can pair up with correspondents all over the globe.  I love knowing pen pals still exist, don’t you?!

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Big Congratulations for Claire


Claire is one of the smartest people I know. She has lived all over the world, from Cambodia to Syria, and had the most amazing adventures as a journalist. For the last two years she’s been living in Boston, getting her masters at Tufts. She recently passed the foreign service office exam and interview process–it is extremely competitive! Soon she’ll be on her next adventure. I sure hope its close by.

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