Very belated Birthday wishes for Andrea

polka dot birthday card

I love birthdays. The cake and ice cream, the party hats, the presents. I get a ridiculous amount of joy out of shopping for other people, most especially my family and friends. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year for me (did I mention I also love to wrap?!).

But every now and again, a birthday trips me up. I’ll have a super-fashionable and thoughtful friend to buy for and I’ll get totally stumped. As such was the case with Andrea. She celebrated her birthday in January—it took me nearly five months to deliver on the birthday wishes. I only take partial responsibility for the delay though. She’s on the hook for being so notoriously hard to shop for! But I always say, better late than never! [Read more…]

An apple alternative for Mrs. Hudson


My sweet friend is a brilliant first-grade teacher. Last year she overcome loads of challenges with students and parents alike and managed to fund and develop a classroom library through Donors Choice. This year, she’s returning to her very own elementary school, ready to shape more young minds. I am so proud of her accomplishments, her love of learning and her incredible patience. I wanted to send along a little something–just for her–to wish her luck on the first day.
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Birthday wishes for Gramma


Last Tuesday my Gramma turned eighty-six. She is beautiful as ever and filled with more energy than me most days. Last year we celebrated big– there were not one but three cakes and a pinata–at my insistence of course. This year, she gathered a few of her friends for dinner and an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday (as she tells it). And there was chocolate cake, her favorite. What more could a girl ask for?

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