A garden by mail


I came across the most wonderful thing over the weekend: a postcarden. Its a post card! No, its a garden!

Pop open the vegetable ink-based card, water the base, sprinkle the seed packet and watch it grow. It thrives on sunny desks and window sills–in two to three days time you’ll have unruly sprouts of Lepidium sativum filling the archways. A cityscape and a botanical garden are available for purchase ($12 each) through Uncommon Goods. OH, and don’t forget to buy extra postage–it costs about $1.30 to mail gardens domestically.

Wouldn’t this be just the best surprise mail?!

P.S. Apologies in advance for my light posting. Our wedding is quickly approaching, and my head is spinning with to-do lists. I will write as much as I can between now and then, scouts honor.



Vintage Stamps


Did you know postage never expires? It’s true. As long as you’re licking and sticking unused or uncanceled U.S. Stamps, and their face values add up to proper postage for your letter, you’re good to send. A first-class mail letter weighing one ounce or less costs forty-six cents. Keep in mind, these old stamps were a song. At three cents or six cents a pop, you’ll have the envelope covered before you get to forty-six.

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Tattoos by mail


It’s no secret, I love mail of any kind. Packages are particularly exciting, oh the anticipation of what’s inside! A few weeks ago, I ordered some temporary tattoos from the creative geniuses at Tattly. I am over the moon about the tattoos—they are so lighthearted and remind me of childhood summers. But I was totally enchanted by the smart package design. The tattoos come neatly tucked into a heavyweight cardboard envelope with the Tattly logo doubling as a return address. Best of all–they use real stamps, and the U.S. Postal Service to deliver. I’ve enclosed a few ‘tats’ in some recent correspondence (to the great delight of my recipients). Don’t you just love the idea of an envelope surprise?

Stationery that’s on Target


I have been a long-time fan of Target. I remember my initial discovery in St. Louis, while visiting my aunt and uncle. I got a snazzy new purse and perfected the pronunciation “tar-jay”–I was seven. The first location in Orlando, opened just in time for back to school shopping. I picked up a turtle glitter pencil case and got a signed photograph of Amy Grant (she was the special musical guest). Did it get any better than that?! Over the years I’ve turned to Target for party supplies, cosmetics and most recently, stationery.

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Stamp Inspired Stationery


I’ve never been a stamp collector per say, but I do appreciate clever postage design. I discovered The Postage Service while stocking up at Urbanic last year. Christine Schaefer collects beautiful stamps from various decades and affixes them to envelopes. You can pen a note and pop it in the mail without any fuss. No postage required! And she has great taste when it comes to stamps.

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