Wedding season is in full swing friends. We have been graciously invited to nine weddings this year, all squeezed into five months. I just love watching our friends promise to love each other until the end of time. And the party that comes shortly after I do is pretty swell too.

A couple of weekends ago we attended a beautiful celebration on the tip of Manhattan, with gorgeous views of Lady Liberty. Adam and I hustled out the door and mistakenly left our heartfelt congratulations behind, oops! It was the perfect excuse to see the newlyweds when they returned from their honeymoon. Hand delivered mail is even better than sending it through the post, no? Read more →

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polka dot birthday card

I love birthdays. The cake and ice cream, the party hats, the presents. I get a ridiculous amount of joy out of shopping for other people, most especially my family and friends. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year for me (did I mention I also love to wrap?!).

But every now and again, a birthday trips me up. I’ll have a super-fashionable and thoughtful friend to buy for and I’ll get totally stumped. As such was the case with Andrea. She celebrated her birthday in January—it took me nearly five months to deliver on the birthday wishes. I only take partial responsibility for the delay though. She’s on the hook for being so notoriously hard to shop for! But I always say, better late than never! Read more →

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We have a winner! Congratulations to Shannan! A shiny new Sheaffer Pen will be zipping it’s way to your mailbox in no time! Thanks to all who entered and to Sheaffer for sponsoring this giveaway!

*Big News card by 8MM Ideas. Photo from the Greer Chicago website—one of the best curated collections of cards + letter writing supplies around!

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School’s out for the summer! This week marks the last days of class for most New York City kids. I must admit, I’m a little envious of the months that lie ahead for these lucky ducks: popsicles, bike rides, beach trips, and rainy-day movies. And then there are the graduates, the accomplished students who are about to embark upon a new chapter in their lives. Ahh, youth!

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Today’s letters are winging their way to Singapore! Bethany wrote to me a month or so ago, requesting a couple of letters for some special teachers in her life. I was delighted to oblige. I am a big fan of teachers! (Proof! And more proof!) It felt very apropos to send some love at the end of the school year. Have you thanked a teacher lately? What are you waiting for?! Read more →

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I’m embarrassed to admit the blog wasn’t the only thing neglected this winter. Adam and I were married in mid-November and were fortunate enough to take a two-week honeymoon. This left very little time to prepare for my favorite holiday, Christmas!

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Last month Adam and I flew south to honor a Mommy-to-be. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to double the fun and have a pizza party with our three-year-old niece and nephew, because who doesn’t love a pizza party?!

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Nothing quite makes my heart sing like a full mailbox. And anyone who shares this love of thoughtful correspondence is a.o.k. by me. A few weeks ago, I got the most delightful surprise from the like-minded lovelies at Kate Spade.

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Friends, I have failed you. Turns out the lovelies at Hello!Lucky and Egg Press have engaged in a letter-writing campaign for the month of April (to promote National Letter Writing Month) and I’m a little late in sharing the news. I’m quite sure the free kits are all spoken for this late in the game, but there’s still time to write letters. Maybe not 30, but one is better than none. I just love connecting with friends and family “off-line” and hope this little campaign sparks a revolution! What’s better than sending a little love via the post? So what do you say, will you Write On?

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paperfinger1One of my favorite paper memories of 2013 was an evening of calligraphy with the immensely talented Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger. She is a dream and has the patience of a saint I tell you.

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