a thank you letter for an awesome teacher


Today’s letters are winging their way to Singapore! Bethany wrote to me a month or so ago, requesting a couple of letters for some special teachers in her life. I was delighted to oblige. I am a big fan of teachers! (Proof! And more proof!) It felt very apropos to send some love at the end of the school year. Have you thanked a teacher lately? What are you waiting for?! [Read more…]

two letters for two Aussies


Today’s letters are traveling all the way to Australia! Kathleen is a long-time supporter of snail mail and Letters from Lauren. The poor darling has attempted to send me not one BUT two post cards. And despite having the correct address, both have been returned! I just had to return the favor. Meaghan, a sweet fifteen-year-old requested a letter. She loves to send them, but her mailbox never feels full enough. I know how exciting mail call is (at any age) and was happy to oblige.

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a letter from a secret admirer


I try not to play favorites when it comes to letters, but this request from a secret admirer in England tops the charts. I am such a sucker for letters of love. The wooer’s email was so heartfelt and genuine, just bursting with sweet sentiments. He even created a special email address to keep his identity a secret from his ‘mates’. I hope the lucky lady feels extra special and cherished.

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a letter for Nancy


Nancy sweetly sent along some mail and asked if I might be interested in being pen pals. I was so sad to turn her down. But naturally, I pointed her in the direction of the Letter Writers Alliance (and no, I am not their spokesperson). I’ve also heard good things about the email-driven Pen Pal World, where you can pair up with correspondents all over the globe.  I love knowing pen pals still exist, don’t you?!

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National Pay it Forward Day


Oh friends, my sincerest apologies for the absence. I paid a visit to my future in-laws this weekend (in sunny Florida, oh my) and took a little break from letter writing. And then there was a birthday celebration and a late night at work. Poor excuses, I know. But I missed you all and I’m back, just in time for the weekend.

Do you remember the 2000 movie Pay it Forward? A young boy preforms three acts of kindness. All he asks in return, is that the recipients of kindness “pay it forward” with three more good deeds in an effort to keep the cycle going. The movie (and book) sparked a movement. In 2007 Pay It Forward Day was founded in Australia, and now six years later more than fifty-two countries are performing acts of kindness, today!

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Prayers for Boston


My heart is deeply saddened. Another tragedy has rocked our nation.

Last night, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Peter Jay Sharp building illuminated a message of love and support. “Peace and Love” “It shouldn’t take a tragedy for us to come together,” “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that,” a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote. And below, NY love B (in the Red Sox font).

Such truth friends. My thoughts are with the people of Boston and all those affected by this senseless tragedy. Know someone who needs a letter of love or support? Please let me know at lettersfromlauren@gmail.com.