A lot of you lovely readers write to me requesting advice on finding a pen pal. These requests make my heart swell—look Mom, people still want to write letters! I recently stumbled across postcrossing and all but clapped my hands with delight. Pen pal seekers, listen up.

Postcrossing is on a mission to connect letter writers from all over the world, through–you guess it, postcards. Signing up is easy (it took me less than five minutes) and soon after you’ll get your first recipient’s address. As soon as your postcard is received, you’ll be on your way to receiving one in return. The more postcards you send, the more that turn up in your mailbox. Best of all, if you find someone awesome you’d like to continue corresponding with, you can.

I love the simplicity–a postcard is short + sweet and so delightful. And I especially love the mystery of not knowing where your next correspondence will wing in from–Germany, Australia, Sweden?! I’m looking forward to ‘turning my mailbox into a box of surprises’.

My first address was for a lovely lady in Germany. On her profile she mentioned wanting to travel abroad for a year after school and studying Journalism at University. Could we have been more perfectly matched?! I dug deep in my stationery stash for a vintage New York postcard. I hope she likes it!

Laura, greetings from New York! I found this vintage postcard at a flea market and have been eager to post it. I love that its traveling to Germany! I live in New York City. I studied abroad in London when I was in college and loved it–I hope you get the opportunity to do so too! I studied journalism in college and worked at a magazine as an editor for a few years–stick with it! You will love telling stories. Best of luck and happy summer.  xoLauren

P.S. Don’t you just love the sentiment… the world is full of roses!


(postcard found at the Brooklyn flea in 2011, stationer unknown)


  1. Katie says

    I joined Postcrossing a few months ago and I love it! I get such a thrill when i click “send a postcard” and I wait the few seconds to see where my next note is headed. It’s really fun! Enjoy!

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