Write On! For eight more days!


Friends, I have failed you. Turns out the lovelies at Hello!Lucky and Egg Press have engaged in a letter-writing campaign for the month of April (to promote National Letter Writing Month) and I’m a little late in sharing the news. I’m quite sure the free kits are all spoken for this late in the game, but there’s still time to write letters. Maybe not 30, but one is better than none. I just love connecting with friends and family “off-line” and hope this little campaign sparks a revolution! What’s better than sending a little love via the post? So what do you say, will you Write On?

The Found Art of Thank-You Notes


I gave up my paper subscription to The New York Times many years ago, and a part of me misses it. There is nothing quite like holding a newspaper in your hands, creasing the folds in an effort to make more room on your breakfast table. Every so often my Mom will save a section of the paper, especially if she thinks one of the articles will “speak” to me (one of the million things I love about that woman). This weekend she set aside the Sunday Styles section. And for good reason.

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A Paper Time Capsule


I’m in this sweet spot right now where things are pretty darn great. And I am so grateful. I have my health, a wonderful family and a job I love. Sometimes I want to stop time or at the very least have a strong reminder of this moment in my life. I’ve never written letters to my future self, but I’m kind of digging the idea.

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A garden by mail


I came across the most wonderful thing over the weekend: a postcarden. Its a post card! No, its a garden!

Pop open the vegetable ink-based card, water the base, sprinkle the seed packet and watch it grow. It thrives on sunny desks and window sills–in two to three days time you’ll have unruly sprouts of Lepidium sativum filling the archways. A cityscape and a botanical garden are available for purchase ($12 each) through Uncommon Goods. OH, and don’t forget to buy extra postage–it costs about $1.30 to mail gardens domestically.

Wouldn’t this be just the best surprise mail?!

P.S. Apologies in advance for my light posting. Our wedding is quickly approaching, and my head is spinning with to-do lists. I will write as much as I can between now and then, scouts honor.



Warms my heart



My Mom recently made her first purchase on One Kings Lane. If you haven’t signed up, where have you been? They have the most fantastic things for making your house a home. But I digress. As a thank you, they sent her a set of note cards. I thought that was just about the nicest thing ever! I wholeheartedly agree with their sentiment: “In this digital age, a note in the mail feels more personal and special than ever.” And I really love their promotion of snail mail–very novel for an e-commerce company. Cheers One Kings Lane!

I hope some letter-writing is in your weekend plans!