Stationery that’s on Target


I have been a long-time fan of Target. I remember my initial discovery in St. Louis, while visiting my aunt and uncle. I got a snazzy new purse and perfected the pronunciation “tar-jay”–I was seven. The first location in Orlando, opened just in time for back to school shopping. I picked up a turtle glitter pencil case and got a signed photograph of Amy Grant (she was the special musical guest). Did it get any better than that?! Over the years I’ve turned to Target for party supplies, cosmetics and most recently, stationery.

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Stamp Inspired Stationery


I’ve never been a stamp collector per say, but I do appreciate clever postage design. I discovered The Postage Service while stocking up at Urbanic last year. Christine Schaefer collects beautiful stamps from various decades and affixes them to envelopes. You can pen a note and pop it in the mail without any fuss. No postage required! And she has great taste when it comes to stamps.

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some stamp minutiae


STAMP COLLECTORS ARE EVERYWHERE. An estimated 20 million people in the U.S. collect stamps. It is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. John Lennon was even a childhood stamp collector. His treasured album (pictured above) is on display at the National Postal Museum in Washington D.C.. Rock on!

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Lords write love letters


A few years ago a friend gifted me Love Letters of Great Men. Fans of Sex and the City (the movie) rushed out to buy a book of love letters that didn’t exist. Low and behold, a book a was created. It’s surprisingly quite good. Really.

I love editor Ursula Doyle’s forward, where she speaks about the claim that these flowery declarations were more for show than a genuine expression. “But to claim that a text message saying IN PUB FTBL XTR TIMe BACK LATER XX is more genuine, and therefore romantic, than a declaration such as Byron’s that ‘I more than love you and cannot cease to love you’ is obviously nonsense.

Some days I long for a time when correspondence was rich with meaning and emotion–not 140 characters. While I love the convenience of modern technology, nothing beats a flowery letter, especially a letter from your lover.

Genuine or not, that Lord Byron is good. I agree whole-heartedly with his claim, “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.”

Who are you writing to this weekend? Hope it’s a good one friends!