Vintage Stamps


Did you know postage never expires? It’s true. As long as you’re licking and sticking unused or uncanceled U.S. Stamps, and their face values add up to proper postage for your letter, you’re good to send. A first-class mail letter weighing one ounce or less costs forty-six cents. Keep in mind, these old stamps were a song. At three cents or six cents a pop, you’ll have the envelope covered before you get to forty-six.

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A brilliant letter

TAKOMA PARK, MD - JUNE 5:  Phyllis Richman in her home office i

Sometimes, someone else says it best. Like this lovely and accomplished septuagenarian Phyllis Richman.

I was totally taken with an article published in The Washington Post earlier this month. It was written by Ms. Richman, in response to a letter she received from Harvard University in 1961. I encourage you to read both (really, three) letters–a shining example of so many truths in this life.

P.S. The Washington Post article can be found here. Phyllis Richman’s photo was taken by Linda Davidson for The Washington Post.

P.P.S. I love that she kept the letter for fifty-two years!

Tattoos by mail


It’s no secret, I love mail of any kind. Packages are particularly exciting, oh the anticipation of what’s inside! A few weeks ago, I ordered some temporary tattoos from the creative geniuses at Tattly. I am over the moon about the tattoos—they are so lighthearted and remind me of childhood summers. But I was totally enchanted by the smart package design. The tattoos come neatly tucked into a heavyweight cardboard envelope with the Tattly logo doubling as a return address. Best of all–they use real stamps, and the U.S. Postal Service to deliver. I’ve enclosed a few ‘tats’ in some recent correspondence (to the great delight of my recipients). Don’t you just love the idea of an envelope surprise?

the language of stamps


The language of stamps emerged in the early twentieth century, during the Victorian era. Stamp placement became a discreet way of communicating affection during a courtship–this method was especially favored by young lovers whose parents often censored mail. And it became more widely favored when postcards grew in popularity. You wouldn’t want the postman to freely read all your heart’s desire, would you?

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The National Stationery Show (er, a few days late)


Two weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of attending the National Stationery Show. Talk about a kid in a candy store. There were so many talented designers present and such beautiful creations to oogle. I snapped a few iPhone photos while I weaved in and out of the aisles and aisles of paper—oh my! The worst part: you can look, but you can’t buy (until you finally have a stationery store and all your dreams are realized, ahem).

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Miranda July does letters


I got a tip from Miss Alex that Miranda July has a new project in the works. You can read all the details here. We Think Alone is an excuse to read some mundane emails from some pretty swell people. Every Monday from July 1 until November 11, a ‘themed compendium of ten emails will arrive in your inbox’. If you sign up, that is…

While they aren’t stamped letters, they are quite reflective of our modern day correspondence. And who wouldn’t want an email from Lena Dunham?!