Write On! For eight more days!


Friends, I have failed you. Turns out the lovelies at Hello!Lucky and Egg Press have engaged in a letter-writing campaign for the month of April (to promote National Letter Writing Month) and I’m a little late in sharing the news. I’m quite sure the free kits are all spoken for this late in the game, but there’s still time to write letters. Maybe not 30, but one is better than none. I just love connecting with friends and family “off-line” and hope this little campaign sparks a revolution! What’s better than sending a little love via the post? So what do you say, will you Write On?

Well, hello again

Garrett Nudd

Garrett Nudd

So this happened! I never expected to stay away so long, really. But you know how these things go. I had a grand plan of returning post-wedding with a honeymoon glow and a sharpened pencil. There were plans for letter-lovely gift guides (gift guides are my ultimate guilty pleasure) and holiday cards, oh my.

But then the reality of being out-of-office for three weeks took over. And there were presents to wrap and champagne to drink and winter doldrums to combat… the list goes on. But I am back. And so delighted to be penning letters again. Know someone who needs a proper letter? Email or tweet me!

Save The Weekend


When Adam and I got engaged, I had big plans to keep things small. I was thinking twelve people for dinner would be just lovely. Well, I was overruled and we are having the exact opposite of twelve people for dinner by every definition. Cue the comfort cocktail. As such, it took a wee while to pick a place and shape our plans. The only wedding component that was an easy decision for me? The stationery of course! The lovely and talented Mr. Boddington’s Studio was up to the job (thankfully). The first order of business was our save-the-dates.

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the typewriter ribbon is fresh


In case, I wasn’t entirely clear, I didn’t write a letter a day in 2011. I wrote a ton of letters, but I fell off the wagon sometime in late August, and again in October, and before the holidays, many a letter suffered. And then there was all of 2012, and radio silence.

I set a goal, had high hopes, and fell short. For a while it plagued me, and then I realized many people set goals and fail. The point is to have goals. So here I am. The trickiest part about writing a letter a day, wasn’t the letter part. It was the everything else (photographing, re-typing, posting, etc.) that weighed me down. So as part of my grand comeback, I’m making a few changes.

I won’t be writing a letter every day. But I’m still taking requests! If you know someone who needs a proper letter, please let me know. I will continue to write (and post) letters to people who I know and strangers alike a few times a week. In addition I’ll be writing about letter-related things, like stationers I admire and paper products I covet. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear. I hope this new arrangement suits us both. I have high hopes.

after a long hiatus…


… I’m back. I wish I had a juicy explanation for my absence, like I was off getting a Phd, learning Mandarin or solving international disputes. But no, I was just busy living a very ordinary life.

I got a little derailed by my web trouble. Switching servers caused some setbacks and a whole lot of hair-tugging on my part. I had big ideas, but zero experience coding.  And then the letters started to pile up. I kept writing, but the nitty-gritty part (photographing, uploading, re-typing, re-sizing, etc.) took oh so long. And one day, turned into one month, and then before I knew it a whole year and a half had passed. Sigh.

I did continue sending letters, scouts honor. Sometimes they were accompanied by cake + presents. See!


But I’ve missed this space. And you too! So I’m back. This day may never have come, if it were not for the lovely Sarah. She rescued the site and made it sparkle. Take a look around. That FAQ page I’ve been promising, it’s up top! And ways for us to keep in touch like twitter to Facebook, look right.

Lots of good things are in store, so do come back. I promise I’ll be back too.