the typewriter ribbon is fresh


In case, I wasn’t entirely clear, I didn’t write a letter a day in 2011. I wrote a ton of letters, but I fell off the wagon sometime in late August, and again in October, and before the holidays, many a letter suffered. And then there was all of 2012, and radio silence.

I set a goal, had high hopes, and fell short. For a while it plagued me, and then I realized many people set goals and fail. The point is to have goals. So here I am. The trickiest part about writing a letter a day, wasn’t the letter part. It was the everything else (photographing, re-typing, posting, etc.) that weighed me down. So as part of my grand comeback, I’m making a few changes.

I won’t be writing a letter every day. But I’m still taking requests! If you know someone who needs a proper letter, please let me know. I will continue to write (and post) letters to people who I know and strangers alike a few times a week. In addition I’ll be writing about letter-related things, like stationers I admire and paper products I covet. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear. I hope this new arrangement suits us both. I have high hopes.

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