Are you there friends? It’s me, Lauren.

Are you really still here? OH, thank you for sticking around. I am so grateful.

I assure you the letters didn’t suffer, but I had a couple of hic-ups standing in the way of posting. Apparently my computer also found Photoshop to be exhausting because she took sick and needed some love from the Genius Bar. And then there was the incident with the fragrant lilacs, my pointer finger and a sharp knife (I’m okay now!). But I’m back now…

While I was away, I made a little visit to Kate’s Paperie to stock up on some paper goodness. I stumbled upon this shiny wonder in the sale section. Wouldn’t this golden envelope make a perfect keepsake for a love letter? Perhaps a Royal love letter (yes I know it’s over, but I just can’t get enough!)?

Ready or not…  rapid letter posts!


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