A letter to a chef


Thanks for sticking with me friends. My apologies for the unplanned four-day disappearance. I traveled down south for some Easter rest and relaxation (and a wee-bit of wedding stuff). It was a blissful vacation full of family, friends, good food + bunnies! Consequently, not many letters were penned. Since my return, I’ve been dreaming of chicken salad.

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a note for the upstairs neighbors


A few days ago Adam and I awoke to some heavy-lifting. Turns out, our upstairs neighbors were moving out. And today our new neighbors moved in. Or at least that’s what I’m speculating based on the noise from above.

I know many of the building’s four-legged residents by name, but regrettably very few of my human neighbors. I decided to properly welcome 8J to the building.

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letters + stationery for Katie + Anne


I just looooove mail! The best mail comes from readers and like-minded letter writers. A couple of weeks ago, I opened up p.o. box 1219 and not one, but two letters were waiting for me. Yay! Both ladies made promises to write more letters in 2013, so I decided to send them each a letter and some supplies to help them make good on their goal.

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one hundred and seventy-two: a letter for a rock legend


I was a little late to the party–I didn’t see “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” until I was in college. The catalyst for watching the movie was of course the song by the same name (the tune was very popular during sorority rush, for obvious reasons). But I digress, today is Cyndi Lauper’s 58th birthday. And she is indeed a woman worth celebrating. Not just for her music, but for her activism. Let’s sing this 80’s pop legend a birthday ditty!

June 22, 2011


Happy Birthday! I cranked up a few of your greatest hits today, in your honor. I hope today is sparkly celebration with all the fancies you deserve! You are a legend and a true inspiration. I hope this year is full of melodies and wonderful surprises (like your impromptu performance in Buenos Aires)!

All the best,


Good on Paper 

one hundred and seventy-one: letters for Quinn + Tula

Today’s letters go out to two letter lovers—one who eschewed technology for forty days (hats off, Quinn) and a veteran pen-pal.

June 21, 2011

one hundred and seventy-one:


Firstly, your full name is awesome—you must get that all the time.

Secondly, how did your forty-day technology fast go? Your friend Jessica told me about your plan. Did you make it? I love that your friends mailed you letters to communicate (what good friends). I’m a letter-lover through and through, so much so, I’m writing a letter a day in 2011. Jessica sweetly asked me to put one in your box during your tech-free days, but I had oh so many requests. I hope a tardy letter is welcome all the same…

She also told me about your grand plans for sweet potato fries. Success? I have a mandolin and consider myself a fairly decent cook, but I’ve yet to master the fry technique. Mine always cook unevenly and are never crunchy enough! If you have any insider tips, I’m all ears.

All the best,


P.S. I hope summer is treating you well and the beard is winning hearts and minds, wink.

sugar paper


one hundred and seventy-one and a half:


I am always delighted to meet like-minded letter lovers! I love that you have carried on so many correspondences over the years. Why did you stop?! I’m sure your letters were little bits of cheer for their recipients, especially your grandfather.

So tell me, what are your favorite stationery lines? I’m always looking for new paper discoveries. I’ve been finding all sorts of gems on etsy lately.

I hope this here letter gives you a little nudge to start using your pretty paper again! The world is a better places with letters!

All the best,


kate spade