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Facebook came on the scene while I was in college, but I didn’t join until a few years later. The best part? Connecting with people you’ve lost touch with… like your old babysitter. My childhood sitter found me through facebook and requested a letter for her daughter. How sweet and serendipitous is that?!

March 9, 2013


Your Mom tells me you are hoping to transfer schools to pursue your dream of acting—how exciting! I trust you nailed your audition and are packing your bags for the Golden State as I write. I wish you lots of luck—or is it, break a leg? I so admire you for taking charge of your happiness!

I too was unhappy my freshman year of college. I traded the Florida sunshine for Syracuse snow (114 inches my first year!) and was feeling so out of my element. I thought about transferring—I even wrote a few of those dreaded college essays. But then I met some like minded ladies, spring sprung and I changed my major. Life got good. I didn’t end up transferring and eight years later, I wouldn’t trade an inch of snow. I met my future husband, some of my closest friends and I got an incredible education.

So the point of all that unsolicited advice (sorry) is to say, no matter how it all shakes out, I know you will shine! I’m crossing my fingers for you + California!

All the best,


Roger la Borde

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