thirty-eight: a letter for a pencil lover

I discovered Pencil Revolution a few weeks ago and have been working my way through the archives. People who revel in something have a special place in my heart. And honestly, who doesn’t love a perfectly sharpened pencil?!

February 7, 2011

Dear Pencil Revolution,

I was beyond delighted to find your nifty little blog. I adore pencils. I take great pleasure cranking a manual sharpener and I like having the flexibility of an eraser in case of blunders. So handy!

I eagerly await your review of the Enviro Stiks. I’m a big fan of Ticonderoga pencils (using one now), but I think I mostly like that they come in black. Black feels special, more grown up than the yellow school variety. I am also completely enchanted by black erasers. See, these are the kind of things only you understand! Thanks for keeping a little space on the web for us pencil-lovers.

Happy Sharpening,


Rifle Paper Co.

thirty-seven: a letter for David Nicholls

One Day is a love story that spans twenty years. I fell for the characters and weeped when it was over. I would tell you to read it immediately but I am always a little wary of making recommendations. I will say, this story touched me and will stay with me always. One of David’s characters (Emma) longs to be a writer. I chuckled over this bit of the book, a girl after my own heart:

“She drinks pints of coffee and writes little observations and ideas for stories with her best pen on the linen-white pages of expensive note-books. Sometimes, when it’s going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love of the written word is just a fetish for stationery. The true writer, the born writer, will scribble words on scraps of litter, the back of bus tickets on the wall of a cell. Emma is lost on anything less than 120gsm.”

Dear Mr. Nicholls,

I absolutely loved your novel One Day. Hats off to you!

Great Expectations is my favorite book of all time. I re-read it often and had just finished the passage you quote in Part One when I picked up your book. In other words, you had me from the beginning. And then this beautiful story unfolds and I find myself totally wrapped up in your characters. I rooted for Emma and Dexter with every turn of the page, cringing at moments and crying at others. I didn’t want their story to end or yours for that matter. I really delighted in the ending—you gave me time to dry my eyes and collect myself before the last page. Brilliant! It also should go without saying—I LOVED the letters most. More people ought to write letters. And like Emma, I often wonder if my love for the written word is just a fetish for stationery.

Upon finishing the book I went immediately to your website (I wanted more!) where I promptly listened to songs from Emma’s mix tape for Dexter and then wandered over to your blog. I’m quickly becoming a groupie. I look forward to ‘watching’ the story of Em + Dex on the big screen this summer. In the meantime, I will hope like hell that you’re hard at work on another wonderful read with equally lovely characters.

All the best + continued success,


Sugar Paper

thirty-six: a letter for Linus

I just discovered Linus Bikes and I’ve already hatched an elaborate savings plan so I can be riding one come spring. Everything about the Dutchi 3 is stunning! And the accessories totally seal the deal: a bell, a basket, a swanky seat!

February 5, 2011

Dear Linus Bikes,

You have stolen my heart. I stumbled upon your showroom on a recent trip to LA and am completely smitten. I have been entertaining the idea of a bike for over a year now, but all the ‘pretty models’ cost a couple thousand dollars—eek!

But then there was you and your beautifully designed classic Dutch bikes. Sleek steel frames in shiny black, silver spokes, brown leather handlebar grips and the possibility of a Nantucket basket to hold my treasures—it’s just too much! Thank you for designing such a covetable mode of transport. I’m saving my pennies and counting down the days until spring!



Sugar Paper


thirty-two: a plea to the groundhog

February 1, 2011

Dear Puxatony Phil,

Please hear me out. It has been a rough winter. We’ve seen snow, blizzards even, and now ice. It is really rather unpleasant. I am looking forward to packing up my winter coat and woolies. Give a Florida native a break: Don’t see your shadow tomorrow! I know it’s a lot to ask (may I tempt you with some clover or alfalfa?) but I would be eternally grateful if spring came early this year. Thank you for your consideration. I hope you’ll do the noble thing.




thirty: praise for the seltzer maker

Northern Spy Food Co. is one of my neighborhood go-to spots. It features a great menu of locally sourced seasonal fare and delicious homemade seltzer. It’s also the perfect walking distance from my apartment–I can order dessert and not feel completely stuffed when I arrive home. I have never been disappointed by these guys.

January 30, 2011

Attention Seltzer Magician: That blood orange fabulousness I guzzled down tonight was a 10! I didn’t know I could love anything so much! I’ve had many of your homemade varieties but this one tops the charts. A blood orange never disappoints—so full of flavor and just the right touch of pucker. And combined with just the right amount of bubbles and a straw: SHOW STOPPER! Now, how do I go about getting this recipe? I’m an excellent student in the kitchen and a superb secret keeper. Pretty please?

Your devoted seltzer-aholic,


P.S. You guys rule! (get it?)



twenty-nine: birthday wishes for Oprah

Janaury 29, 2011


Happy Birthday! I’m sure you get millions of these, but I wanted to send you one anyway. Can anyone ever get too much birthday-love?

I had the privilege of attending a taping of your show in Chicago last April. You were a rock star. You were so gracious and complimentary of the audience. I was very impressed. Thank you for championing women, for giving the voiceless hope and for inspiring millions of people to be better.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday spent with those you love. And may the year ahead be filled with success (hello, OWN!).

All the best,



twenty-two: a letter for Anatol, aka Mr. Photo Booth

I adore photo booths. I always have and I’m quite sure I always will. My favorites are the older variety that still spit out black and white strips–color is so overrated in a photo booth. Anatol Josepho invented this brilliant machine in 1927. On March 28 of that same year he made the front page of the New York Times: “Slot Photo Device Brings $1,000,000 to Young Inventor. Hello big money!

January 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Josepho,

Thank you for your brilliant invention. It is by far, one of my most favorite things. I cannot pass a photo booth and not stop in. I plan to have a wedding someday to justify renting my very own little booth (yes– you can rent them now!).

With perseverance and great discipline you achieved the American Dream. I love that you gave away part of your fortune to the needy of New York City. I’m quite sure you were a good man.

Big thank yous and big smiles,



thirteen: a letter for the yogurt man

If you haven’t tried siggi’s yogurt, you haven’t lived. And yes, six ounces are totally worth $4.69. Trust me.

January 13, 2011

Dear Siggi,

Your yogurt makes me weak in the knees. One taste and I too am homesick for Iceland (never mind that I’ve never been). The consistency is unmatchable—rich, thick yet smooth, and so flavorful. And the protein punch! Big, HUGE thank yous for mastering skyr and sharing it with this little island.

Full + Happy,


New York, New York

P.S. I just cannot seem to settle on a favorite flavor. What’s yours?

eleven: a letter for a brave woman


On January 8, 2011 nineteen people were shot during a political gathering at a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, Arizona.  Six people were killed. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head. She remains in the hospital in critical care.

January 11, 2011

Congresswoman Giffords,

I didn’t know your politics or your face until last Saturday. And now I’m quite sure I will never forget it or the stories of your courageous recovery that continue to inspire.

What happened in that supermarket parking lot is incomprehensible. It is a horrible tragedy and my heart aches for the victims and their loved ones. I feel overwhelming sadness and outrage. And yet, equal parts admiration for you and your brave fight.

May you continue to recover and delight us with your amazing progress. May your family feel comfort, knowing the entire country is praying for you. And most of all, may this unspeakable act of violence teach our country a lesson in compassion.

Best wishes,


Liberty of London for Target