twenty-two: a letter for Anatol, aka Mr. Photo Booth

I adore photo booths. I always have and I’m quite sure I always will. My favorites are the older variety that still spit out black and white strips–color is so overrated in a photo booth. Anatol Josepho invented this brilliant machine in 1927. On March 28 of that same year he made the front page of the New York Times: “Slot Photo Device Brings $1,000,000 to Young Inventor. Hello big money!

January 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Josepho,

Thank you for your brilliant invention. It is by far, one of my most favorite things. I cannot pass a photo booth and not stop in. I plan to have a wedding someday to justify renting my very own little booth (yes– you can rent them now!).

With perseverance and great discipline you achieved the American Dream. I love that you gave away part of your fortune to the needy of New York City. I’m quite sure you were a good man.

Big thank yous and big smiles,



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