A letter to a chef


Thanks for sticking with me friends. My apologies for the unplanned four-day disappearance. I traveled down south for some Easter rest and relaxation (and a wee-bit of wedding stuff). It was a blissful vacation full of family, friends, good food + bunnies! Consequently, not many letters were penned. Since my return, I’ve been dreaming of chicken salad.

I’ll admit, I tend to fixate on things. If I hear a song I like, I’ll play it on replay until I know every last lyric by heart. Same goes for food. Usually I’d just try to recreate this delicious chicken salad on my own, but something tells me I’d miss a special ingredient. So I wrote to the chef at the Vitale Spa Cafe with crossed fingers and a hungry belly.

Dear Spa Chef,

I recently spent a day by your spa pool (I have the sunglass tan to prove it) and enjoyed a delicious lunch from the cafe. I’ve always been a devote of the Blue Crab Salad, but on Thursday I was brave. I threw caution to the wind and ordered your Chicken Salad Wrap. And it did not disappoint! Farro is one of my most favorite grains. I have always used it on its own, but, oh how delicious it was in a wrap with chicken and avocado. I am hoping you’ll make my day (and stop my grumbling tummy) and share your recipe. I would love to recreate your genius in my kitchen, hold the sunburn. I will be forever grateful.

All the best,

Crane & Co.

(I thought this stationery very apropos given I wore Ray Bans and no sunscreen by the pool during lunch and got crazy raccoon eyes.)

P.S. And because I’m craving that wrap, namely farro, I made this delicious salad from Sunday Suppers. Yum! ritzspa2


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