a letter for Nancy


Nancy sweetly sent along some mail and asked if I might be interested in being pen pals. I was so sad to turn her down. But naturally, I pointed her in the direction of the Letter Writers Alliance (and no, I am not their spokesperson). I’ve also heard good things about the email-driven Pen Pal World, where you can pair up with correspondents all over the globe.  I love knowing pen pals still exist, don’t you?!


Thanks for your note and for wanting to be my pen-pal, I am so flattered! I hope you weren’t too disappointed when I declined. I love writing letters (and always write back) but wth many requests and replies in the queue, I’m afraid I’d be a rotten choice. You really ought to join the Letter Writers Alliance. They can link you up with a regular correspondent–no cursive required. They really is just something about letters (even the weeks that pass while you eagerly anticipate a reply). I hope you find a good letter buddy!  I so appreciate the note and hope you continue to find reasons to send mail!

All the best,


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