Wedding Cheers for Brittany and Tory


Wedding season is in full swing friends. We have been graciously invited to nine weddings this year, all squeezed into five months. I just love watching our friends promise to love each other until the end of time. And the party that comes shortly after I do is pretty swell too.

A couple of weekends ago we attended a beautiful celebration on the tip of Manhattan, with gorgeous views of Lady Liberty. Adam and I hustled out the door and mistakenly left our heartfelt congratulations behind, oops! It was the perfect excuse to see the newlyweds when they returned from their honeymoon. Hand delivered mail is even better than sending it through the post, no?

A little wedding etiquette tip: You ‘technically’ have a year to send a gift, but it’s best to send your congratulations within three months of the I dos. I like to think it’s never too late to show your affection. If you’re well past the year mark, send a note acknowledging your tardiness (or forgetfulness) and call it an anniversary present instead. If I’m not giving cash, I like to order a gift off the registry soon after the wedding invitation arrives. This ensures I’m early not late, and inevitably I have more to choose from. And it gives the to-be-weds a head start on their thank you note writing—something I relished when I was a bride.

Brittany and Tory,
Congratulations! We were so happy to celebrate alongside our dear friends. Your wedding was beautiful—the weather couldn’t have been any better, the company fantastic and the evening so wonderfully memorable! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

But most of all we were so delighted to see two of our favorite people promise forever. You make such a lovely couple, complementing and bringing out the best of each other in all the right ways. We couldn’t wish for anything more for our friends.

Here’s to years of love and happiness! And summers at the beach!
All the best,
Lauren and Adam


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