Courtney + Barrett are getting married


Wedding season is in full swing for us! We have a wedding a month between now and the start of 2014 (including our own). And the engagments keep coming too–I just love reasons to celebrate our friends!  A few weekends ago we attended a gorgeous brunch on the rooftop of the Nomad Hotel in honor of our friends. The setting lovely, the weather just-right, and the couple as sweet as can be.
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Birthday wishes for Kristin


Kristin is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We’ve known each other since childhood, so there are only about, I don’t know, a million memories between us. And although we live in different cities and don’t get to see one another often enough, we always pick up right where we left off. It’s rare to have friends for decades. I know how lucky I am. Happy Birthday bonded bud.

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Save The Weekend


When Adam and I got engaged, I had big plans to keep things small. I was thinking twelve people for dinner would be just lovely. Well, I was overruled and we are having the exact opposite of twelve people for dinner by every definition. Cue the comfort cocktail. As such, it took a wee while to pick a place and shape our plans. The only wedding component that was an easy decision for me? The stationery of course! The lovely and talented Mr. Boddington’s Studio was up to the job (thankfully). The first order of business was our save-the-dates.

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a real thank you for the girls


My sweet friends wanted to celebrate my upcoming wedding with a little bachelorette soiree. I am exceptionally bad at being the center of attention so I tried to talk them out of it. We compromised with a “beach” weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, and boy am I glad we did. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful women in life for sixteen plus years and counting. There were delicious dinners, a splendid Saturday on the water, and a lot of adult beverages in between. I needed to thank them for planning such a special weekend, so I turned to Rifle Paper Co. and my long time makeup-obsession, They’re Real.

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always a day of remembrance


My new office is a block away from the former World Trade Center. As I explore the unfamiliar neighborhood looking for lunch spots, I can’t help but wonder what it was like fifteen years ago. Before the terror. Before the lives lost. Before the recovery.

Today, I will undoubtedly think of all those who died twelve years ago. Twelve years, and yet it feels like just yesterday. I will remember the heroism, the compassion and the incredible stories of survival and patriotism in the days that followed.

For those who lost someone they loved, my thoughts are with you. And for those who aided in rescues and rebuilding efforts, I thank you. This day will forever be one of remembrance.

showering Claire with love


My sweet friend Claire is tieing the knot in a couple of weeks! I am beyond bummed I couldn’t make it to her bridal shower this weekend. She’s not really the shower-type so I felt it completely necessary to send two gifts, one that might make her blush a bit and get me a high-five from the groom. The other is from her registry of course, and although utilitarian, it’s Grandmother approved.

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Birthday love + thanks for the wedding whisperer


Prior to starting my new job, I spent a few days down south finalizing some wedding plans. I’ve shared my checking-things-off-a-list affinity before. And as those of you former brides know, planning a wedding is a series of massive lists that double in size when you’re not looking. None of my list-checking-off would have been possible without the lovely Lisa, planner extraordinaraire. She set up meetings, kept us calm when some of our vendors under-delivered, and transported us from city to city, show tunes soundtrack notwithstanding. A word: invaluable. Her birthday happened to be a day later, so I felt compelled to send her a little birthday love.

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