nineteen: a letter for Kristin

Kristin and I met on the driving range at age six. I regrettably stood in her backswing. All was forgotten soon after and thus began a twenty-plus year friendship that has endured the nineties, sunburns, boyfriends (good + bad) and of course distance. She is my oldest friend.

January 19, 2011


I have so enjoyed our recent telephone chats. Stealing even five minutes is a true victory for us.

I have missed our friendship, bonded buddy. We always pick up where we left off of course, but our visits are sporadic and hurried and our phone time scant. While I know the ‘big’ stuff defines many a relationship, it’s the small potatoes I miss most–the minutia of your day, the latest local gossip, even what you ate for dinner (I love to eat).

I forgot to plant a money tree this year, but even so I would love it if we had a you + me weekend. It doesn’t have to be in New York, and it can’t be in Orlando (yes, there are rules). I would love to spend a couple of uninterrupted days with the girl I grew up alongside. What do you say? I know friendships like ours are worth investing in (even when you’re broke).

Miss you always,

Your Bonded Friend xxo

Vera Wang

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