Birthday love + thanks for the wedding whisperer


Prior to starting my new job, I spent a few days down south finalizing some wedding plans. I’ve shared my checking-things-off-a-list affinity before. And as those of you former brides know, planning a wedding is a series of massive lists that double in size when you’re not looking. None of my list-checking-off would have been possible without the lovely Lisa, planner extraordinaraire. She set up meetings, kept us calm when some of our vendors under-delivered, and transported us from city to city, show tunes soundtrack notwithstanding. A word: invaluable. Her birthday happened to be a day later, so I felt compelled to send her a little birthday love.

Happy Birthday pretty lady. I hope you have a wonderful day with the mister. And whatever you’d put in place of cake, I hope there’s lots of that, wink!

Thanks so much for leading operation #letsgetthisweddingplanned. Two days and a slew of appointments later, I feel so much better. I *just* love making decisions and checking things off that list! Thanks for your amazing guidance and patience.

I’m enclosing a couple of Lauren must-haves. I hope you love them! Thanks again!

birthday card from Paper Source

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