a real thank you for the girls


My sweet friends wanted to celebrate my upcoming wedding with a little bachelorette soiree. I am exceptionally bad at being the center of attention so I tried to talk them out of it. We compromised with a “beach” weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, and boy am I glad we did. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful women in life for sixteen plus years and counting. There were delicious dinners, a splendid Saturday on the water, and a lot of adult beverages in between. I needed to thank them for planning such a special weekend, so I turned to Rifle Paper Co. and my long time makeup-obsession, They’re Real.

I thanked the ladies with a few words about the fun and the special touches they each contributed (including a beach bag with my future monogram) and a big thank you for years of friendship and support. As I get older, I realize how few and far between good, real friends are. Each of the girls notes read a little differently, but they all shared the same message of gratitude. And a mini tube of mascara, every girls best friend.

(thank you + mascara)

Rifle Paper Co.

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