Warms my heart



My Mom recently made her first purchase on One Kings Lane. If you haven’t signed up, where have you been? They have the most fantastic things for making your house a home. But I digress. As a thank you, they sent her a set of note cards. I thought that was just about the nicest thing ever! I wholeheartedly agree with their sentiment: “In this digital age, a note in the mail feels more personal and special than ever.” And I really love their promotion of snail mail–very novel for an e-commerce company. Cheers One Kings Lane!

I hope some letter-writing is in your weekend plans!

Vintage Stamps


Did you know postage never expires? It’s true. As long as you’re licking and sticking unused or uncanceled U.S. Stamps, and their face values add up to proper postage for your letter, you’re good to send. A first-class mail letter weighing one ounce or less costs forty-six cents. Keep in mind, these old stamps were a song. At three cents or six cents a pop, you’ll have the envelope covered before you get to forty-six.

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An apple alternative for Mrs. Hudson


My sweet friend is a brilliant first-grade teacher. Last year she overcome loads of challenges with students and parents alike and managed to fund and develop a classroom library through Donors Choice. This year, she’s returning to her very own elementary school, ready to shape more young minds. I am so proud of her accomplishments, her love of learning and her incredible patience. I wanted to send along a little something–just for her–to wish her luck on the first day.
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A letter to me at sixteen


On Friday July fifth, I turned thirty. It feels like just yesterday I was adding streamers to my two-wheeler and counting down the days until summer. And now I’m a real grown-up with a full time job, a soon-to-be-husband and (gasp!) a few gray hairs.

Have you heard of Dear Me? It’s a collection of letters from older and wiser personalities–to themselves at sixteen. It got me thinking, what would I write to my younger self? Sixteen is such a tender age–what do you share and what wouldn’t you want to spoil? What would you write to yourself? Here’s what I came up with…

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Happy 4th of July


Happy Birthday America! No card I regret, but an ardent wish for a good year ahead for this country I so love. A sincere thank you to those who made this day possible–the soldiers, the freedom fighters, even the wig-wearing declaration authors. It is a honor to celebrate this day.

I hope there is a flag cake in your future. And a heaping plate of deliciousness straight from the grill. Happy 4th of July!

P.S. the letters will return on Monday…