Summer is over, pout.


Labor day marks the unofficial end of summer. I am always sad to see it go. Packing up the pastels + white jeans is always a real low for this Florida girl. Desperate to squeeze in every last second, I suggested an impromptu bike date to Ed’s Lobster Bar last night. Complete with matching socks of course.

Our weekend was not your traditional beach and bbq farewell to summer, but rather a few days plagued with long to-do lists. With the wedding quickly approaching, our lists have lists. Just when you think you’re nearing the end of one, another pops up in it’s place. Poor Adam has quickly learned there is nothing sweet about a honey-do list. As such, I’ve found it really important to pause every so often and remember why we’re getting married in the first place. The mini mail box is perfect for this kind of thing. Bike rides and lobster rolls help too.

Even though the autumnal equinox is still twenty days away, I have allowed myself to get a little excited about fall. We have three weddings to look forward to, colorful leaves, and sweater season. And if our gas ever comes back on, apple crisp and pumpkin bread. There’s some good stuff happening here too, starting with a new series which debuts tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend friends!

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