the language of stamps


The language of stamps emerged in the early twentieth century, during the Victorian era. Stamp placement became a discreet way of communicating affection during a courtship–this method was especially favored by young lovers whose parents often censored mail. And it became more widely favored when postcards grew in popularity. You wouldn’t want the postman to freely read all your heart’s desire, would you?

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ninety-nine thank yous for Lori


Weddings are stressful. There I said it.

Everyone is all smiles and hugs when you get engaged offering words of wisdom like, “just enjoy this time and each other.” No one tells you wedding planning is tricky business. There are lots of decisions, lots of people to please and lots of dollars in question. I know it will be an unforgettable day filled with memories to last a lifetime. And as my Gramma says, I’ve already got the prize. But some days, the drudgery sucks the wind right out of my sails. My sweet friend Lori gave me a little present, “to get me in the wedding spirit,” the good kind of wedding spirit as I see it. What a darling!

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a new home for Christine + Eddie

christineandeddie2Last Friday, Adam and I headed west to Pennsylvania for a bbq in honor of Adam’s little sister and her husband. They just built a beautiful home overlooking a golf course (which may have contributed to Adam’s willingness to cut out of work early). If you couldn’t guess, I’m our official house secretary–Adam is exceptional at signing his name. I penned a quick note and came armed with a scented room candle and a dozen Levain Bakery cookies!

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Birthday wishes for Gramma


Last Tuesday my Gramma turned eighty-six. She is beautiful as ever and filled with more energy than me most days. Last year we celebrated big– there were not one but three cakes and a pinata–at my insistence of course. This year, she gathered a few of her friends for dinner and an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday (as she tells it). And there was chocolate cake, her favorite. What more could a girl ask for?

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The National Stationery Show (er, a few days late)


Two weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of attending the National Stationery Show. Talk about a kid in a candy store. There were so many talented designers present and such beautiful creations to oogle. I snapped a few iPhone photos while I weaved in and out of the aisles and aisles of paper—oh my! The worst part: you can look, but you can’t buy (until you finally have a stationery store and all your dreams are realized, ahem).

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two letters for two Aussies


Today’s letters are traveling all the way to Australia! Kathleen is a long-time supporter of snail mail and Letters from Lauren. The poor darling has attempted to send me not one BUT two post cards. And despite having the correct address, both have been returned! I just had to return the favor. Meaghan, a sweet fifteen-year-old requested a letter. She loves to send them, but her mailbox never feels full enough. I know how exciting mail call is (at any age) and was happy to oblige.

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Miranda July does letters


I got a tip from Miss Alex that Miranda July has a new project in the works. You can read all the details here. We Think Alone is an excuse to read some mundane emails from some pretty swell people. Every Monday from July 1 until November 11, a ‘themed compendium of ten emails will arrive in your inbox’. If you sign up, that is…

While they aren’t stamped letters, they are quite reflective of our modern day correspondence. And who wouldn’t want an email from Lena Dunham?!