‘write back soon’ stamps


I am completely taken with the P.S. Write Soon stamp series (I gushed about them here last week!). The postage was issued on February 25, 1980 to commemorate National Letter Writing Week. How great is that?! The face value was a mere fifteen cents. Best of all, each sheet had multiple designs, all of which needed a good lick to stick. The stamps focused on the importance of letter writing, using phrases like “Letters Lift Spirits” and “Letters Preserve Memories”.

I recently snagged a full sheet of sixty on ebay–victory! Do you have a favorite stamp? I’m also quite taken with the recent love stamp issue–swoon!

P.S. More exciting vintage stamp news!

Pocket Postal Notebook

I’m a habitual list-maker. I get such satisfaction from crossing things off a to-do list (in full disclosure, sometimes I add tasks to the list that I’ve basically already completed, just for the sheer joy of the cross-off). When I pack a suitcase, a list becomes completely essential. And even though I never forget, I always add “postcard stamps” and “muji pen” to the list. I know, nerd alert! But I delight in sending postcards and who knows if your hotel will have proper postage?!


I recently discovered a modern update to the postcard: Moleskine’s Postal Notebook. And while it requires a bit more postage than your run-of-the-mill postcard, I think its genius. The notebook is pocket-sized, perfect for toting around while sight-seeing and noshing on local cuisine (the real reason I travel). When you’ve filled the eight pages with your musings + sketches, an included adhesive seals your travel tome. The cardboard cover has space for your recipient’s address and all you need is proper postage!

Sometimes a postcard doesn’t really cut it when you’ve got a whole European adventure to relay. And how fun would this be for pen pals who share a friendship in letters?

What do you pack first when going away? Do you still send postcards (please say yes!)

P.S. Thanks Mr. Washington for the long weekend + Happy early Birthday!

(photo from the Moleskine website)  

A Valentine Wish List

One day! Friends, Valentine’s Day is just one sleep away! I can hardly contain my excitement.

If you’re coming up short on gift ideas, don’t fret. I’ve collected a few items that are on my wish list (cough, oh Adam!). And if you’ve missed your overnight-shipping window, don’t despair. In our modern age of texts and tweets, a handwritten note is a rare treat. I guarantee your love will be “chuffed to bits” with a simple note of your affection…



1. Ruled Letter Opener; 2. ban.do heart (I already own two, swoon!); 3. Hugo Guinness darling sweater; 4. kate spade sealed with a kiss cards; 5. John Derian Arrow; 6. Clare Vivier card case; 7. kate spade earrings (this was my valentine last year); 8. Godiva Truffles

If you go the love letter route, Crane & Co. posted some helpful tips to penning the perfect note.

P.S. I use these hearts for my quick love-notes.

One sleep!



Civilettes by Greer

Friends, I’ve been known to travel for stationery. I will actively research a city’s “stationery scene” before boarding a plane, just to be sure I miss nothing! Sympathize with my travel companions (namely Adam) who have traversed the country in the name of pretty paper.

I first happened upon Greer while visiting my friend Tayler in Chicago. Ever since, its been on my must-stop list when visiting the Windy City. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. Chandra is a paper goddess. Her collection is expertly curated and full of surprises at every turn. I could spend hours in her lovely shop, and I never leave empty handed. If you’re not local, she has a great assortment online too.


One of my favorite discoveries, is a Greer Chicago original: Civilettes. They’re small in stature (not much bigger than a matchbox), but pack a whole lotta love. Trust me. I delight in slipping these into Adam’s briefcase or sock drawer when I’ve done laundry. It’s nice to remind those you love just how you feel.


The Love Notes collection features a simple “I love you” in classy script. The back of the card warns to “Please reuse responsibly” –love that! What a lovely Valentine! Best of all, there are notes for a job well done or a simple thank you.


P.S. “Civility is not a sign of weakness” taken from John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech, is Greer’s company motto. They commissioned the ubber-talented Hammerpress to create a poster. You can buy it here!

i heart poppin


Friends, I do hope you are well acquainted with poppin, the exceptional office supply site. They were kind enough to send me a few essentials prior to their launch in 2011 (see, some catching up to do indeed). Nothing pleases me quite like colorful pens and clean-lined notebooks. You can shop by color, to ensure an expertly coordinated desk. And they’ve recently expanded their offerings to include personalization. I swoon!

Love for Terrain


I feel in love with Terrain just over a year ago. I first visited their location in Glen Mills, PA and had a lovely evening making a terrarium and noshing on a delicious cheese plate. As soon as their Westport, CT location opened, I dragged my Mom. She swooned too. From garden delights to candles and cookbooks, the whole collection at Terrain is expertly curated. If you are ever in the area (either one), go! It will not disappoint.

As luck would have it, I found myself standing over the Valentine’s table two weekends ago. Temptation personified for a girl who loves hearts! I walked away with a love letter kit and a pack of beautiful postcards (I’m going to try and use them with my valentine typewriter). I am eager to start penning some Valentine cheer. What’s on your wish list for Valentine’s Day?