Pocket Postal Notebook

I’m a habitual list-maker. I get such satisfaction from crossing things off a to-do list (in full disclosure, sometimes I add tasks to the list that I’ve basically already completed, just for the sheer joy of the cross-off). When I pack a suitcase, a list becomes completely essential. And even though I never forget, I always add “postcard stamps” and “muji pen” to the list. I know, nerd alert! But I delight in sending postcards and who knows if your hotel will have proper postage?!


I recently discovered a modern update to the postcard: Moleskine’s Postal Notebook. And while it requires a bit more postage than your run-of-the-mill postcard, I think its genius. The notebook is pocket-sized, perfect for toting around while sight-seeing and noshing on local cuisine (the real reason I travel). When you’ve filled the eight pages with your musings + sketches, an included adhesive seals your travel tome. The cardboard cover has space for your recipient’s address and all you need is proper postage!

Sometimes a postcard doesn’t really cut it when you’ve got a whole European adventure to relay. And how fun would this be for pen pals who share a friendship in letters?

What do you pack first when going away? Do you still send postcards (please say yes!)

P.S. Thanks Mr. Washington for the long weekend + Happy early Birthday!

(photo from the Moleskine website)  

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