Happy Father’s Day Mr.Wonderful


I trust you all had a lovely weekend and duly celebrated the Dad (s) in your life. I had the pleasure of dining with mine last night at The Modern (if only there had been time for a quick jaunt to the museum). He’s the best there is and he’s all mine–one of the perks of being an only child!

Wishing the UP, Mr. Wonderful, the ever-loving ever groovin’ Chris Kay and my Dad a VERY Happy Father’s Day.

I am so lucky to have a Dad who always leads by example, loves unconditionally and supports me whole heartedly. I like the looks of the coming year… a new adventure for you, and a long (ahem, thanks to you) walk down the aisle for me. Please try not to let me cry too much. I love knowing you’ll be by my side, as you’ve always been. Thank you for being the best Dad a girl could wish for. I hope my kids are as lucky someday.

My heart is so full with love for you,
xo Lauren

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