showering Claire with love


My sweet friend Claire is tieing the knot in a couple of weeks! I am beyond bummed I couldn’t make it to her bridal shower this weekend. She’s not really the shower-type so I felt it completely necessary to send two gifts, one that might make her blush a bit and get me a high-five from the groom. The other is from her registry of course, and although utilitarian, it’s Grandmother approved.

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Birthday love + thanks for the wedding whisperer


Prior to starting my new job, I spent a few days down south finalizing some wedding plans. I’ve shared my checking-things-off-a-list affinity before. And as those of you former brides know, planning a wedding is a series of massive lists that double in size when you’re not looking. None of my list-checking-off would have been possible without the lovely Lisa, planner extraordinaraire. She set up meetings, kept us calm when some of our vendors under-delivered, and transported us from city to city, show tunes soundtrack notwithstanding. A word: invaluable. Her birthday happened to be a day later, so I felt compelled to send her a little birthday love.

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An apple alternative for Mrs. Hudson


My sweet friend is a brilliant first-grade teacher. Last year she overcome loads of challenges with students and parents alike and managed to fund and develop a classroom library through Donors Choice. This year, she’s returning to her very own elementary school, ready to shape more young minds. I am so proud of her accomplishments, her love of learning and her incredible patience. I wanted to send along a little something–just for her–to wish her luck on the first day.
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ninety-nine thank yous for Lori


Weddings are stressful. There I said it.

Everyone is all smiles and hugs when you get engaged offering words of wisdom like, “just enjoy this time and each other.” No one tells you wedding planning is tricky business. There are lots of decisions, lots of people to please and lots of dollars in question. I know it will be an unforgettable day filled with memories to last a lifetime. And as my Gramma says, I’ve already got the prize. But some days, the drudgery sucks the wind right out of my sails. My sweet friend Lori gave me a little present, “to get me in the wedding spirit,” the good kind of wedding spirit as I see it. What a darling!

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a new home for Christine + Eddie

christineandeddie2Last Friday, Adam and I headed west to Pennsylvania for a bbq in honor of Adam’s little sister and her husband. They just built a beautiful home overlooking a golf course (which may have contributed to Adam’s willingness to cut out of work early). If you couldn’t guess, I’m our official house secretary–Adam is exceptional at signing his name. I penned a quick note and came armed with a scented room candle and a dozen Levain Bakery cookies!

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