a new home for Christine + Eddie

christineandeddie2Last Friday, Adam and I headed west to Pennsylvania for a bbq in honor of Adam’s little sister and her husband. They just built a beautiful home overlooking a golf course (which may have contributed to Adam’s willingness to cut out of work early). If you couldn’t guess, I’m our official house secretary–Adam is exceptional at signing his name. I penned a quick note and came armed with a scented room candle and a dozen Levain Bakery cookies!

Christine + Eddie,

So, how does it feel to be homeowners at last? Congratulations on your beautiful new house! We know it will be filled with love and laughter and perhaps the pitter patter of little feet someday (the four-legged pitter patter is quite nice too)? We are so happy for you both, and admittedly a little proud too–way to beat your oldest brother to the punch! Wishing you two many happy days, very little fix-its for you Eddie  and loads of wonderful memories on Empire Road. Starting now!

Love + Best Wishes,
Lauren + Adam

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