six: a birthday card for Graham


My friend Abbie gave birth to the cutest baby boy one year ago today. He is such a charmer–and he isn’t even walking yet!

January 6, 2011


Today you turn one! Holy moly. I remember eagerly awaiting your arrival—it took forever. I thought you were going to be a girl. But you were way better than a girl, even if you puked on me every time I held you.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday (even if your mean Mommy doesn’t buy you any presents) little one. You bring such joy to everyone you meet. Even child-haters. It has been such fun watching you grow. I am so looking forward to your terrible twos, but knowing you, you’ll be perfect!

Lots of Love,


four: a paper bag breakfast for Claire


a paper bag breakfast

Sometimes you have to hit pause, just for a moment. Yesterday my darling friend and former college roommate Claire stopped by for a visit (by way of Syria). I gave her my full attention. And a little paper bag breakfast to go the next morning.

January 4, 2011


I miss you already! Travel safe and hurry back… for keeps!


Lauren xxoo

P.S. I resisted the urge to kiss your napkin, Krisi style, wink.

two: a letter for Alex


Today we landed in Miami, home to my fabulous freshman roommate Alex. She’s a brilliant photographer too. See.

January 2, 2011


Friend! I’m in your city. But just for a ay over… we flew back from Antigua tonight and home to New York bright + early tomorrow. I wish we could play! Maybe in London town before you go? I will hope. Say hello and Happy New Year to the family!



P.S. How fab is the gold horse?! LOVE!

Jack and Lulu, horse gold flat notes

one: a postcard for Jenna

a postcard for Jenna

January first is a day full of possibilities. Clean slates. Fresh starts. Do-overs. Tabula Rasa if you will.

And so it is with great anticipation that I begin a little adventure of my own. I will write a letter, everyday, for all of 2011. Starting now.

January 1, 2011

Dearest Jenna,

Well, the beaches are lovely. The “no-see-ums” are decidedly dreadful. My skin is polka-dotted with bites–53 and counting. My new signature scent is OFF. The weather has been quite nice and the people are very hospitable. Last night we reveled in the dawn of a new year with some rum punch and fireworks. And then a few too many vodka sodas…ooops. What more could a girl ask for? You, of course! Wish you were here! I hope your New Year started with a bang…


Lauren xxo