two: a letter for Alex


Today we landed in Miami, home to my fabulous freshman roommate Alex. She’s a brilliant photographer too. See.

January 2, 2011


Friend! I’m in your city. But just for a ay over… we flew back from Antigua tonight and home to New York bright + early tomorrow. I wish we could play! Maybe in London town before you go? I will hope. Say hello and Happy New Year to the family!



P.S. How fab is the gold horse?! LOVE!

Jack and Lulu, horse gold flat notes



  1. […] Miss Alex introduced me to the most amazing little website: Parchment Post. I am over the moon with excitement! Parchment Post is a subscription based card service—every three months you’ll get six cards produced by small designers and expertly curated by Jamie Ambabo. Friends, I am all over this! I just had to write Jamie, and insist we become friends. I hope she says yes! […]

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