ninety-nine thank yous for Lori


Weddings are stressful. There I said it.

Everyone is all smiles and hugs when you get engaged offering words of wisdom like, “just enjoy this time and each other.” No one tells you wedding planning is tricky business. There are lots of decisions, lots of people to please and lots of dollars in question. I know it will be an unforgettable day filled with memories to last a lifetime. And as my Gramma says, I’ve already got the prize. But some days, the drudgery sucks the wind right out of my sails. My sweet friend Lori gave me a little present, “to get me in the wedding spirit,” the good kind of wedding spirit as I see it. What a darling!


You are too sweet! Thank you for the beautiful Waterford ring holder. It has taken up residence on my dresser and dutifully holds my sparkler while I sleep (will I ever get used to wearing a ring always?!). You are so thoughtful! I am most thankful for our friendship (the “office” is just not the same when you’re not working) and delighted to know you’ll be celebrating with Adam and I in November. Let’s go for wine soon–reclaim the Vanguard, wink!


kate spade

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