Big Congratulations for Claire


Claire is one of the smartest people I know. She has lived all over the world, from Cambodia to Syria, and had the most amazing adventures as a journalist. For the last two years she’s been living in Boston, getting her masters at Tufts. She recently passed the foreign service office exam and interview process–it is extremely competitive! Soon she’ll be on her next adventure. I sure hope its close by.

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Tara is thirty


Today my friend Tara turns 30. She is one in a million. Her laugh is totally infectious and without fail, she is always wearing lipgloss. Some of my best high school memories include this gal. I wish I was in Miami to watch her blow out all those candles! But I know she’s in good hands. Happy Birthday Manis!

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a farewell letter to Ashley


Ashley is the little sister of my high school boyfriend. Over the last fourteen years, I’ve watched her home videos, attended dance recitals and chaperoned her scavenger hunt birthday party at the mall. I’ve adored her from the start and was delighted when she moved to New York in January 2010. Since then Ashley has made great strides in her career as a journalist, most recently accepting a job at USA today. It has been such fun watching her grow–I am just bursting with pride! A farewell letter and some New York essentials (read: black and white cookie) were a must.

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a letter for a blushing bride


My oldest friend Kristin got married in October and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid. I wanted to write her a letter, call it a toast on paper, to commemorate the occasion. I know she will have lots of wedding gifts, photos and memories to mark the day. But for me, nothing beats a letter– fitting too, considering the crazy amount of note passing we did back in the day. Forgive me, my time management was suffering that week so I penned from my airline tray table (and photographed with my iPhone).

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birthday wishes (and onion dip) for Tory


One of the many perks of coupling up is making new friends. I met Tory and his fiance Brittany a few years back thanks to Adam. We became fast friends and have spent the last two summers together at the beach. Tory is the best story-teller I know. And he gives great hugs. But best of all, he has a dachshund named Zeus who serves as his unofficial sidekick (I’m a sucker for dogs!). On Saturday night we celebrated Tory’s 30th birthday with a gathering at their apartment followed by too many celebratory cocktails at a nearby bar. Naturally, I used the birthday as an excuse to make the most delicious onion dip.

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Birthday Wishes for Andrea


My friend Andrea celebrated a birthday in January. I was a little tardy with the pomp and circumstance (in fairness, her birthday present traveled all the way from India). But I think birthday wishes are always better late than never.

January 12, 2012


Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! I hope those men in your life spoil you silly–cake, presents, balloons, the whole nine yards. And may today be the start of a noteworthy year. I hope your wishes come true, your dreams become reality and that all good things come your way. You deserve it more than anyone I know. And boy am I glad to know you, wink. Best wishes dear friend!

xoxo Lauren

Rifle Paper Co. 

Sweet Airmail

Confession: Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday (it is hard to top Christmas). And its just thirteen days away! Cupid is stockpiling arrows. And I’m turning my thoughts to love letters–the ultimate valentine. Nothing tops a heartfelt missive on paper. But perhaps some edible airmail could come close? I set to work in the kitchen.


I rolled out sugar cookie dough and used a knife to shape envelope-like squares. I also made a few hearts–I just couldn’t resist.


Using an xacto knife, I cut cherry and blue raspberry Airheads into airmail stripes. I used a mini cookie cutter to make some hearts and mixed a batch of Royal Icing to give the cookies an extra kick of sugar (and a nice envelope-white surface).


I spread a thin layer of icing on each cookie and decorated them with the airmail stripes. The mini heart made a perfect stamp for my mail!


Such a sweet treat deserved an extra special delivery. I packaged the cookies in kraft boxes (more hearts!) and penned a quick note.


With the Airheads logo in mind, I tied a red balloon to each box and ding-dong-ditched the cookies at unsuspecting friends’ doorsteps!


I just love sweet surprises! Are you planning to surprise anyone this Valentine’s Day?

P.S. Airheads put me up to the challenge. You can vote for your favorite entry here!


one hundred and seventy-four: birthday cheer for Lisa

Lisa is one of my most favorite people. She has the best attitude about even the worst stuff. She inspires me endlessly (she had a heavy hand in this letter project!), makes me hoot with laughter, and she whips up a mean buffalo wing dip. What’s not to love?! Today she celebrates her birthday!

June 24, 2011


Happy Birthday pretty lady! I hope today is full of birthday delights (balloons, cake, fanfare) and that ALL your wishes come true. May the year ahead be your best yet—I can’t think of anyone more deserving of rainbows + pots of gold! I am so lucky to have you as a friend! Looking forward to red-velvet cupcakes and celebratory cocktails in your honor! I heart you!