one hundred and fourteen: birthday wishes for Tara

Tomorrow my darling friend Tara turns another year older. I remember our first sleepover, helping her campaign for class secretary (I have to point out she’s Canadian and though she can’t vote, this girl loves a political debate) and video taping her “reporting” as Barbra Walters after a couple of wine coolers (she does work in news now!). Most Tara memories include a good giggle–what I love most! She’s a keeper. Happy birthday friendface!

April 25, 2011


Fairytale birthday wishes for my favorite girl! I hope your twenty-eighth year is full of cheer, good health and lots of cupcakes. And while we’re on it… I think this should also be the year you step up the quarterly visits to monthly jaunts–New York (+ me + Ashton) misses you! Wishing you nothing but happiness, today and always! Happy Birthday lovely!

Lo xxo

Kate and Birdie

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