one-hundred and thirty-four: congratulations for Kristin

Friends, it’s all weddings all the time in my world. Last night, my oldest friend got engaged. Her fiancé let me in on his proposal plans, so like any good friend I was waiting by the phone, hot with anticipation. I picked up on the first ring wherein a giggly Kristin revealed the details of her seaside proposal. Now I’m all tickled too!

May 15, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, all caps are necessary for my bonded buddy! Even though I knew this was coming (your now-fiancé was gushing about his plans at Er’s wedding) I am still wrapping my head around this—I feel like just yesterday we were talking about our middle-school crushes while catching waves at the beach. I think we’re officially growing up old friend—can this really be?

I am so very happy for you. Best of all I love that I’ll be standing beside you for another milestone (this summer makes twenty-two years of us—beat that Jon!). I can’t wait to give you an in-person squeeze.

Love you lots,

Lauren  xxo

Mr. Boddington’s Studio

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