Tara is thirty


Today my friend Tara turns 30. She is one in a million. Her laugh is totally infectious and without fail, she is always wearing lipgloss. Some of my best high school memories include this gal. I wish I was in Miami to watch her blow out all those candles! But I know she’s in good hands. Happy Birthday Manis!


Darling, Happy 30th Birthday! Oh how I wish I was there (or you were here) to wear a party hat and celebrate alongside you. I’m inappropriately interested in that Publix birthday cake with sinful buttercream frosting I know you’ll have–I mean can you blame me? I hope you have a most fabulous day–hell a week, you only turn 30 once. I can’t wait until our reunion (s) so I can give you a good squeeze! I hope Josh and those kitties spoil you rotten! Happy Birthday beautiful!

Love + Kisses,


The Great Lakes

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