forty-seven: a thank you for the bakers

Publix is a leading grocery store in the Southeast. Their tag line: Where Shopping is a Pleasure–and boy is it ever. The staff is friendly and always eager to help you and your bags to the car (a service you appreciate ten-fold when schlepping heavy paper bags home by foot). And if you frequent any one location long enough, they’ll start welcoming you by name. True story.

This was the grocery store of my youth. I was mad for their chocolate chip cookies as a kid and admittedly still am. I never leave Florida without picking up a couple dozen. A few years ago they changed the recipe and panic struck. Luckily they’re making both varieties now and I am ever so grateful.

I could encourage you to pick up a dozen next time you find yourself in the sunshine state, but you’d probably find them incredibly ordinary. The extra special ingredient of nostalgia is what makes them so tasty for me.

February 16, 2011

To The Ladies Who Bake The Chocolate Chip Cookies,

Your chocolate chip cookies (the old recipe) are instant nostalgia for me. I don’t even mind that you have to buy two or three dozen at once now—they’re that delicious!

I remember being part of the esteemed “Cookie Club” as a child and looking forward to grocery store visits. I kept my official Club Card in my pink Hello Kitty wallet and was on a first name basis with the staff. I never won a cookie cake, but boy did I try.

I moved from Florida nearly ten years ago and sadly there’s not a Publix in sight north of the Mason Dixon Line. When I do return ‘home’ I make a beeline for the bakery and those familiar cookies that taste like childhood, with every chewy, chocolatey bite. Thanks for making them so delicious.



MoMA kids note cards, circa 1994–I felt it was very apropos, no? I found them in a box in the attic while I was in Orlando for the weekend.


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