birthday wishes (and onion dip) for Tory


One of the many perks of coupling up is making new friends. I met Tory and his fiance Brittany a few years back thanks to Adam. We became fast friends and have spent the last two summers together at the beach. Tory is the best story-teller I know. And he gives great hugs. But best of all, he has a dachshund named Zeus who serves as his unofficial sidekick (I’m a sucker for dogs!). On Saturday night we celebrated Tory’s 30th birthday with a gathering at their apartment followed by too many celebratory cocktails at a nearby bar. Naturally, I used the birthday as an excuse to make the most delicious onion dip.

February 23, 2013


Wishing you the best of birthdays this go round. We’re so excited to celebrate with you (maybe Lauren more so than Adam, who will undoubtedly loose at beer pong this year). And may your 30th year be full of laughter and success, good memories and fine health. And maybe another killer summer at the beach if you can squeeze it in? You’re one of our most favorite people Tory–we look forward to celebrating many more of these in years to come!

All the best friend,

Lauren + Adam

Bob’s Your Uncle

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