Birthday Wishes for Andrea


My friend Andrea celebrated a birthday in January. I was a little tardy with the pomp and circumstance (in fairness, her birthday present traveled all the way from India). But I think birthday wishes are always better late than never.

January 12, 2012


Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! I hope those men in your life spoil you silly–cake, presents, balloons, the whole nine yards. And may today be the start of a noteworthy year. I hope your wishes come true, your dreams become reality and that all good things come your way. You deserve it more than anyone I know. And boy am I glad to know you, wink. Best wishes dear friend!

xoxo Lauren

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one hundred and seventy-four: birthday cheer for Lisa

Lisa is one of my most favorite people. She has the best attitude about even the worst stuff. She inspires me endlessly (she had a heavy hand in this letter project!), makes me hoot with laughter, and she whips up a mean buffalo wing dip. What’s not to love?! Today she celebrates her birthday!

June 24, 2011


Happy Birthday pretty lady! I hope today is full of birthday delights (balloons, cake, fanfare) and that ALL your wishes come true. May the year ahead be your best yet—I can’t think of anyone more deserving of rainbows + pots of gold! I am so lucky to have you as a friend! Looking forward to red-velvet cupcakes and celebratory cocktails in your honor! I heart you!




one hundred and seventy-two: a letter for a rock legend


I was a little late to the party–I didn’t see “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” until I was in college. The catalyst for watching the movie was of course the song by the same name (the tune was very popular during sorority rush, for obvious reasons). But I digress, today is Cyndi Lauper’s 58th birthday. And she is indeed a woman worth celebrating. Not just for her music, but for her activism. Let’s sing this 80’s pop legend a birthday ditty!

June 22, 2011


Happy Birthday! I cranked up a few of your greatest hits today, in your honor. I hope today is sparkly celebration with all the fancies you deserve! You are a legend and a true inspiration. I hope this year is full of melodies and wonderful surprises (like your impromptu performance in Buenos Aires)!

All the best,


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one hundred and seventy: birthday wishes for Kim

Kim was a very special part of my childhood. She let me deface the plants in her backyard to make “tortillas” for my pretend restaurant Laurel’s on the Lake. She was always up for coloring and she made sure Santa left a gift under her tree for me, every year. I admired her so much I let her feed me flounder for dinner (unheard of at the time–long before I traded meat for fish). At age six, she was pretty much my hero. And today, it’s all about her! Happy Birthday Kim!

June 20, 2011


Wishing you the best birthday yet! And a year of happiness—boat rides, grandchildren, ice cream sundaes—you name it! From the looks of it, life sure gets better with age. Tell that Captain of yours to cruise north for a visit—I miss your laugh! All the best to you, always.



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one hundred and sixty-seven: a love letter for Lady Liberty

Today marks the 186th anniversary of Lady Liberty’s arrival in the New World. She was a gift from the French and one of my most favorite city landmarks.

June 17, 2011

Lady Liberty,

I raise my torch (read: wine glass) in honor of you today. One hundred and eight-six years have passed since you’re arrival, and you’re still looking good lady! I love that they chose you to welcome the masses to our great city. I can only imagine what people must have felt, seeing you in the distance, a beacon of hope and a promise of better days. I know I always smile with delight when I catch a glimpse of your crown during my descent into the city. You are the ultimate ambassador of this little island and a great symbol of pride for our nation. Happy Anniversary!



one hundred and sixty-three: birthday wishes for Brian

Brian is an old college pal. We logged many hours together in a computer lab, cleverly assembling a mock lad magazine aimed at teenage boys. We unknowingly competed for the same job shortly after graduation. And we have the same taste in canine companions (cheers for black labs!). Brian is a good egg. And today he celebrates another year of fishing and hunting adventures!

June 13, 2011


Wishing you a very happy birthday! I’ve heard a bad day hunting is better than a good day at the office, so here’s hoping! I bet Boru’s scent will be extra- good on this happy day. Wishing you the best of everything in the year ahead. You deserve it friend!



P.S. Countdown to Dara + Josh’s nuptials! Can’t wait!

Snow & Graham 

one hundred and sixty-two: birthday wishes for Anne Frank

I remember reading Anne Frank’s diary in grade school, sobbing at the sweet girl’s unfortunate circumstances. And then in college, visiting the secret annex where she hid and documented the comings and goings of her adolescent life. She was a remarkable young lady, with such vision. I particularly like this passage form April 5, 1944:

“I finally realized that I must do my schoolwork… to become a journalist, because that’s what I want! … And if I don’t have the talent to write books or newspaper articles, I can always write fro myself. But I want to achieve more than that. … I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death. … That’s a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?”

I so admire her zest for life, even in the confines of an attic. If Anne had survived, she would turn eighty-two today. Imagine that?! I like to think she would have lived to be a brilliant journalist and more.


Happy Birthday! It is unfortunate you did not live to see your 82 birthday, or your 21st for that matter (something tells me it would have been more fun). But, I can say you’ve gone on living, long after your death.

Remember that red-and-white checkered diary you started? Well your Dad published it. It’s been translated into 67 languages and is one of the most widely read books in the world (over 30 million copies sold)! Your carefully penned account is legendary. Thank you for your eloquent and courageous contribution to history. Incidentally, your diary was one of the few books on my summer reading list I was actually excited to read! It was my first exposure to the Holocaust.

Eight years ago, I visited the annex of rooms above your father’s office where you hid for two years. I can’t imagine what your life must have been like, or the fear you must have experienced while in hiding. I’m pleased to say our world has come a long way since then. There is always room for improvement of course, but people are much more tolerant and accepting of each other. Its small consolation for the price you and so many others paid, but it’s a step in the right direction. And you played a significant part in that.

You may not have lived to be a journalist in the way you imagined, but you did everything else you set out to do. You wrote something great—something that has brought millions happiness and understanding. And you live on, every day.

Happy Birthday Anne! It’s safe to toot your own birthday horn.

With admiration,



one hundred and fifty-four: birthday love for Gramma

Today my Grandmother celebrates her 84th  birthday! I wish I was in sunny Florida, sharing a piece of chocolate cake with her. Happy Birthday Gramma!

June 4, 2011


I hope the birthday fairy brought balloons and cake! I’m going to have a piece today in your honor—it will be a big imposition of course, but I’m willing to do it for you Gram. I hope today is a keeper and that the year ahead is full of great memories—starting with a wedding! I love you very much and am so blessed to have you in my life, both as a wise woman and a dear friend. Happy Birthday!


Bella Ink (graciously donated–thank you!)

one hundred and forty-eight: a birthday card for Greg

I love old friends. I am blessed to have loads who live all over the world. And while I may go months, even years without sharing a proper in-person chat, I adore them just the same.

I haven’t seen Greg in a few years, but we solidified our friendship during our mutual awkward phase, i.e. middle school. He was dabbling in ‘skating’ and the two-sizes to big clothes that went along with it. And I was trying to hunch my shoulders enough to fit in with my five-foot friends (why I never realized my colossal bangs were way worse than my tall stature is a mystery I will never solve).

May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Greggy! I desperately tried to find a turtle themed card that was both age and cool Portland man appropriate. But, as evidenced here, I failed.

I was so excited to get your voicemail a couple of weeks back and still contend a proper catch up must happen. And soon I hope all is well in your world out west. From the looks of it your life (and garden) is flourishing. I am so happy for you. May this year be filled with more of the same, but better! Send my love to Mom, Dad, Zach and Serina.


Lauren xxo

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one hundred and thirty: a birthday card for Adam

Today my very dear friend Adam turns another year older. I think he’s been kind of dreading his birthday, but I have high hopes a big present and a delicious dinner at Minetta Tavern will cure all unnecessary birthday blues.

May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Adam! Wishing you a wonderful day—a day better than your Mom’s cherry pie or shooting par, because you deserve it. I hope this (very scary) twenty-ninth year surpasses all your expectations. I am so grateful for you today and always. Here’s to you and ten years of friendship!

xo Lauren

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