one hundred and forty-eight: a birthday card for Greg

I love old friends. I am blessed to have loads who live all over the world. And while I may go months, even years without sharing a proper in-person chat, I adore them just the same.

I haven’t seen Greg in a few years, but we solidified our friendship during our mutual awkward phase, i.e. middle school. He was dabbling in ‘skating’ and the two-sizes to big clothes that went along with it. And I was trying to hunch my shoulders enough to fit in with my five-foot friends (why I never realized my colossal bangs were way worse than my tall stature is a mystery I will never solve).

May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Greggy! I desperately tried to find a turtle themed card that was both age and cool Portland man appropriate. But, as evidenced here, I failed.

I was so excited to get your voicemail a couple of weeks back and still contend a proper catch up must happen. And soon I hope all is well in your world out west. From the looks of it your life (and garden) is flourishing. I am so happy for you. May this year be filled with more of the same, but better! Send my love to Mom, Dad, Zach and Serina.


Lauren xxo

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