one hundred and seventy: birthday wishes for Kim

Kim was a very special part of my childhood. She let me deface the plants in her backyard to make “tortillas” for my pretend restaurant Laurel’s on the Lake. She was always up for coloring and she made sure Santa left a gift under her tree for me, every year. I admired her so much I let her feed me flounder for dinner (unheard of at the time–long before I traded meat for fish). At age six, she was pretty much my hero. And today, it’s all about her! Happy Birthday Kim!

June 20, 2011


Wishing you the best birthday yet! And a year of happiness—boat rides, grandchildren, ice cream sundaes—you name it! From the looks of it, life sure gets better with age. Tell that Captain of yours to cruise north for a visit—I miss your laugh! All the best to you, always.



kate spade

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