one hundred and thirty-five: congratulations for Siho

Siho was one of my college roommates. We shared a flat in London, an apartment in Syracuse and on rare occasions, salad dressing. He has bigger muscles than should be allowed and a positively adorable giggle (he is such fun to see movies with!). And he just landed a sparkly new job, woohoo!

May 16, 2011


Congratulations on your new gig! I hear they’re working you hard, hopefully not too hard. But if I know you, you’re still living the mantra, “work hard, play harder.” I like the addition of doughnuts, you? Best of luck in the new position—I hope it brings you great success. Lets meet for a drink sometime, maybe out at the beach (if we’re both lucky)?

xxo Lo


(the inside of the card says: work hard, play harder, eat doughnuts)

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