a letter for Molly


I love my weekly trips (ok you got me, sometimes thrice weekly) to my post box. The promise that lies within little box 1219 never fails to excite me–and rarely disappoints. I especially love a letter with a story, like the one I received from Molly a couple of weeks ago. It tugged at my heart and demanded a proper reply.

Please forgive me for the sluggish reply. I received your letter via the post and was so touched. Thank you for the engagement wishes–I feel so blessed to be marrying my best friend.

And I was over the moon to hear your news. I love that letters have reconnected you with your Dad. That just warms my heart. Life is short, and every relationship is important in its own way. I’m sure writing that first letter wasn’t easy–I am, dare I say, so proud of you. I hope letter writing brings you many more smiles in the years to come.

Thanks again for your letter–it means the world to me.

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