The World’s Smallest Post Service


A while back my Mom and I found ourselves in Chicago. And a trip to Chicago is not complete without a stop (read: a full hour of browsing + buying) at Greer. Greer is one of my all-time favorite stationery shops. As I’ve mentioned before, Chandra’s expertly curated collection is what my dreams are made of, really. But I digress. As I was paying for my discoveries I noticed “The World’s Smallest Post Service” and swooned. A girl of my stature (5’11”) is easily awed by small things. My Mom surprised me with it weeks later.

… And a year and some months later, I set to work, assembling my mini mail. I had such fun wrapping tiny packages and practicing my microscopic penmanship (which is dreadful). The whole thing was rather easy. And quite a charming way to pass a few hours during a snowstorm.


Best of all is how this genius idea came about. You can learn about Lee, the official Postmaster and mastermind behind The World’s Smallest Post Service here + here. Would you ever send someone mini-mail?

The World’s Smallest Post Service

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