twenty-three: a birthday card for Todd

My family used to summer vacation with Todd’s family. We’d cram into the backseat of a minivan and try not to kill each other before we got where we were going. Our parents wised up and rented a conversion van every summer there after–we each had our own bench. I knew Todd before puberty, saw him through a few cases of athlete’s foot and shared a turducken with him on Christmas. I expect we’ll know each other for many years to come.

January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Todd!  I saw this card and thought of you, wink. I hope you have an awesome day (maybe the Jets will give you a big win?!). Let’s have a proper celebratory drink soon. I’ll even throw in a cupcake if you promise to play nice. Best wishes for the year ahead friend!

Lauren xxo

P.S. Did you realize we’re going on eighteen years of friendship… pretty crazy.

Spitfire Girl

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