thirty-one: a (typed) thank you for Charles

My friend Charles is a brilliant photographer and exceedingly thoughtful. I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a typewriter, for my letter writing. And to my complete surprise he gifted me the most gorgeous typewriter, ever. I’m rethinking my furniture layout to accommodate a proper desk (read: pedestal) for the sweet valentine.

January 31, 2011


This thank you note is a paltry attempt to show my gratitude for the sweet valentine typewriter. It’s only been a few hours and already we’re getting along swimmingly. I think we might be soul mates. And you know how I feel about that word.

I hope I showed the appropriate amount of excitement and appreciation today. You caught me completely off guard. I am astounded. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more beautiful machine. Everything about it is perfect—the color, the compactness, and that brilliant name: valentine. It is my new favorite thing. I can’t imagine what will bump it from top billing. I will keep it forever and treasure it always. Thank you.

I am touched by your thoughtfulness and tremendous generosity. And I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. I will never forget this amazing present (worlds better than a first-aid kit) or the happiness I feel today, typing away… click, click, click. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours truly,


P.S. Please excuse the typos, valentine and I need a few more hours of practice.

P.P.S. You were spot on about the finger muscles.

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