sixty-seven: a letter for Women For Women

International Women’s Day has been observed for years and years (it dates back to the 1900’s). But I love that it’s gotten more and more attention in recent years. It’s even an official holiday in twenty-six countries; men honor their mother’s, wives, girlfriends, etc. with token gifts. How neat is that?!

Women for Women is an organization that champions this effort year round. They give hope to women survivors of war, aiding them financially and providing skills to help them establish self-sufficient businesses. So in honor of IWD, I made a donation to the organization and sent along thanks to the people who make it all possible.

March 8, 2011

To the Brains + Muscle Behind Women For Women,

A sincere thank you to the dedicated employees and volunteers of your organization. I am honored to support such a worthy cause, and proud to see all the good work you are doing in war-torn countries. You are changing thousands of lives and impacting entire nations. Thank you for raising awareness and for giving those women a voice that can be heard.



kate spade (who partners with this organization: check it out!)


  1. Mary Soufleris says

    Dear Lauren,

    Adam told me about your endeavor last evening. I’m having the best time reading your letters! A book of approiate notes for all occasions comes to mind! I can’t believe that I’m interested in reading someone else’s letters to people that I don’t even know!!! You are amazing….I’ll make visiting this site part of my morning coffee.


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