seventy-two: a get well card for Uncle Andy

My Uncle Andy recently had surgery on his back. A herniated disk had been giving him all sorts of trouble and indescribable pain. And really, who wants to be laid up when spring is on it’s way?! He has a long road to recovery—here’s hoping its basked in sunshine.

March 13, 2011

Dear Uncle Andy,

Gramma told me about all your back woes—holy ouch! I get cranky when a headache threatens my afternoon plans so I can only imagine what a set back this has been. I heard your surgery last Monday was successful and that you are well on your way to recovery, making progress everyday.

Since I have no authority for a proper prescription pad, may I suggest a Netflix subscription? I invested in one this year and apple tv—two words: totally awesome. Or perhaps  a really good (big) book: The Beatles by Bob Spitz. This is an all time favorite of mine (and I’m not even a crazy Beatles fan). It’s over 900 pages long but you will read it in a week—I forgot to break for meals when I was devouring it. Spitz did an exhaustive amount of research and it shows in his vivid descriptions of these men’s lives.

I hope you’re back on your feet in no time! We’re going to need you at 100% by June for some good old-fashioned boogieing at Griffin’s wedding…




  1. Uncle Andy says

    Dear Lauren,

    Thank you for your Get Well wishes. I’m feeling much better and your card was truly special! Yesterday, I took my ’79 911 for a drive. Due to my back issues, it hasn’t been driven in months! Just before leaving, Aunt Adrienne jumped in as “Co-Pilot”, very unusual! Thinking back, I’ve come to realize she was there more for my safety than anything else. It was such a great drive that I posted about it on Face Book. Thanks again for your kind note!

    Uncle Andy

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